April 2024

Shiliu presented his research at QE. Good job!

March 2024

Lab gathering at Haidilao buffet.

Feb 2024.

Our lab got our first MOE-Tier 2 grant to study PGN signaling in C. albicans. 🎉🎉🎉

Dec 2023 

Year-end lab gathering with a few lab members

Dec 2023 

Yuan shares our lab research at ISBOC-13 at NTU.

Congrats to Lanxin on winning the poster award. 👍

Nov. 23

Congrats to Yilin on passing her QE. 

No. 6 PhD candidate in the lab! 

Sep 2023.  

Chenyu and Yuan presented our lab's work at the Great Wall Symposium 2023.  

Congrats to Chenyu as an EMBO travel grant awardee!!

Visited Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal at GWS 2023.

Yuan talked about our recent work on PGNs in C. albicans.

Chenyu's first international conference at GWS 2023.

Enjoy some ice-cream at Castelo de St. Jorge.

Jul. 2023

We are super proud of our FYP student, Samantha Tan, for being the Valedictorian of CCEB class of 2023! 

June. 2023. 

Allan's paper on molecular docking of PGN in C. albicans Cyr1 is now accepted in ACS Infect Dis. Congrats to all authors! 

May 2023 

Jeric presents his PGN analysis pipeline at SG BUG.

Mar. 2023. 

Congrats on Jeric's review is online now at ChemBioChem, and Yaquan's research article accepted at J. Biol. Chem on the same day! 

Feb 2023. 

Allan gave a talk at the monthly #SGBUG meeting. Good job! 

Dec. 2022

Food is ready

Lab members 2022

Celebration for the father-to-be

1 Dec 2022

Our lab members present their work-in-progess at BUG mini-symposium to celebrate its 10th birthday.  #SGBUG

14. Nov. 2022

Heartiest congratulations to our Year 2 PhD students, Lanxin and Yaquan, who passed their QEs back-to-back! They also wore matched outfit!  :)

Nov. 2022

Yaquan gave her first BUG talk and got stimulating questions. Good job! #SGBUG

Aug 2022

Lanxin presents her work at NTU Frontiers in Peptide Science and Drug Discovery Symposium. 

This study is recently accepted at ACS Chem Biol. Congrats! 

Jun 2022

Cheers to Jeric Kwan for passing his QE. Good job! 

May 2022

Lab outing to Bukit Timah Summit. 

Also welcome  summer students, Xin Juan and Sue Xian, and intern student, Angel to join us.  

March 2022. 

Our team has grown! 

Warm welcome to Jia Li, Chris, Jeric, Evan who joined our team in this semester. Also welcome our intern student, Angel. 

March 2022

Chenyu presented her work in progress at March SG BUG meeting. Good job! 

Jan. 2022

Congratulations to Yuan for the SPMS Teaching Excellence Award 2021. 

Jan 2022. 

New year lunch gathering to bid farewell to our RA, Huiyi, and to officially welcome our postdoc, Allan.  Wishing everyone a good start of the new year! 

Farewell lunch to Huiyi at Paik Bibim. 

Gift Exchange to celebrate start of 2022!

Dec. 2021

We welcome our newest postdoc Allan, who will be providing the molecular biology and immunological expertise to the team! 


Big congratulations to Chenyu, who passed her QE with flying colors! Now officially a PhD candidate in the Qiao lab! 


Huong gave a research update at BUG in Oct 2021, before leaving for new position in Duke-NUS Medical School. We wish her luck. 


Claresta made her 'first and sadly last' presentation at BUG in Aug 2021. Good job! 


Welcome Ruifen, Hoang and Joleen to join us as summer students.

Chua Rui Fen (Year 2)

Vu Hoang (Year 1) 

Joleen Yeoh (Year 1)


See our blog on "Antibiotics, microbiota-derived peptidoglycan, and Candida albicans infections.


In collaboration with IMCB, our new paper on "A peptidoglycan storm caused by β-lactam antibiotic’s action on host microbiota drives Candida albicans infections" is published in Nature communication.  


Hiro presented his research at the Dec series of SGBUG. Good job! 


Our brand new Akta Go is set up and ready to go!


September is a good month. We have four new members joining us! Welcome Chenyu, Claresta, Huong and Deborah!!


Training session for the new gel imager. Woo-hoo!


We welcome two intern students from Nanyang Polytechnic to conduct their 6-months internship in our lab. Welcome, Hui Woon and Claudia! 


Yuan gave a seminar at the STEM graduate student seminar in NTU, entitled "The Chemistry Between Mircobiota and Humans".


Our lab is officially funded by National Research Foundation, Singapore! Congratulations!