QIAO Yuan (PI)

Yuan completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry at Bryn Mawr College (USA) in 2010, where she did synthetic chemistry research with Dr. Bill Malachowski. After spending a year working on antimicrobial polymers in the lab of Dr. Yi-Yan Yang at IBN in Singapore, Yuan became interested in using chemical tools to study biological problem, and joined the Chemical Biology graduate program at Harvard University in 2011. In the labs of Prof. Dan Kahne and Prof. Suzanne Walker at Harvard, Yuan focused on characterizing the enzymes that make bacterial peptidoglycan, an essential component of the bacterial cell wall that is an excellent antibiotic target. Her graduate research solved several key problems in the field and established novel tools for new antibiotic discovery. Since 2017, Yuan joined Prof. Yue Wang's lab in IMCB, Singapore, where she was interested in understanding the role of bacterial peptidoglycan in bacterial-fungal interaction. Yuan was a recipient of the A*STAR National Science Scholarship in Singapore (2007-2016). She started as an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Division in SPMS NTU in Nov. 2019.

Hirohito Hayashi (Post-doc)

B.Sc at Nanyang Technological University 2015

Ph.D at Nanyang Technological University 2019

(Advisor: Prof. Shunsuke CHIBA)

TEO Seng Chong (PO)

Seng Chong received his B.Sc and M.Sc at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Back in 2016, he worked on his undergraduate final-year project on isolation, characterisation and identification of lignocellulose-degrading bacteria. Later, he continued his study on the enzymes that involved, particularly xylanase, an enzyme that cleaves the hemicellulose (xylan) backbone in lignocellulose. Through these projects, he attained skills on bacterial cells culture, molecular biology, protein cloning and purification. He joined QIAO Lab in March 2020.

Lim Si Jie (Intern)

Greetings to all. I am Si Jie LIM, an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biochemistry in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Being a final year student, I am currently undertaking my industrial training at Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR, Singapore under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Qiao Yuan from QIAO Lab, NTU. The reason I chose a research laboratory for my attachment is that I developed my interest in researching while I was doing my final year project (FYP) on bacterial enzyme purification from yeast host. Being a researcher might be tiring sometimes, but you never know how significant your results will be, and how happy you are to achieve higher and higher!

Derrick Tan (undergraduate)

Derrick is a Year 3 Chemistry and Biological Chemistry undergraduate at NTU. After being exposed to the vast organic and inorganic chemistry knowledge and techniques covered in CBC program, he wanted to widen his knowledge and laboratory experience particularly in the microbiology and biochemistry field. With the desire to gain laboratory experience and experience multidisciplinary approach to research, he joined Qiao lab in February 2020.

Caludia Cha Wan Zi (Nanyang Polytechnic) March 2020---present

Hui Woon Teo (Nanyang polytechnic) March 2020---present